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MGA’s Four Ball Tee Times 6/11 Sunday

Sunday 622am – Jennings; Matt Rully; Barton; Luce

Sunday 630am – Tomlinson; Christos; Argentino; Casey

Sunday 645am – Murray; McCormick; Malafronte; Texidor

Sunday 707am – Terzakus; Fisher; Petrucelli; Frank Rully

Sunday 715am – Jamgochian; Iacobella; McCloskey; Okolo

Sunday 722am – Tompkins; Pomeroy; Sanzone; Latella

Sunday 730am – Tim Ahern; Motsinger; Mastrachhio Sr.; Yudkin

Sunday 800am – Kraus; Garcia; Coyle; VanDam

Sunday 807am – Brown; Jim Cucerella; Radley; Parenti

Sunday 815am – Duell; DeFrank; Foss; Hanish

Sunday 830am – Ray Benedetto; Conway; Schuck; Sanders

Sunday 907am – Weber; Teodosio; Grillo; Hemming

Sunday 915am – Gettings; Hottin; Solkelske; Pepe Rubino

Sunday 922am – Flament; Robert Benedetto; Donvan; Pascerella

Sunday 937am – Tesla; Powell; Reilly; Tayag

Sunday 945am – Whitley; Caldwell; Randy Benedetto; Stackpole

Sunday 952am – Relyea; Curzi; Moravek; McDaniel

Sunday 1000am – Sliby; Scherer; Roerck; Dolan




Men’s Golf Association Update – ABCD Best Ball

1st Place = 59

  • Ed Dolan
  • Bill Lee
  • John Radley
  • Peter White

2nd Place Tie = 61

  • Dave Belowsky
  • Jeff Brown
  • Jordan Parsley
  • Brendan Rowley

2nd Place Tie = 61

  • Jim Jamgochian
  • Gil Jennings
  • Dave Murray
  • Bob Relyea

2nd Place Tie = 61

  • Tim Ahern
  • Geoff Dahill
  • Joe Latella
  • Ed Tayag Sr.

2017 Golf Calendar – New Leagues & New Outings

If you are thinking  about conducting a special golf event as a fund-raiser or have a group  of golfers who would like to play on a periodic  basis during the 2017 golf season, we usually can accommodate your needs.

Please give us a call at 203-795-4161  to discuss your options.

See you soon!