Point Tournament Notes


This past weekend we had the weather-challenged Point Tournament. We had 22 members brave the rain and of the 22, 15 cards were scored. Due to the extremely small size of the field, there will only be one flight and the additional money will be moved to an event at a later date.

Now, that being said, all is not well with the scoring by the membership. Should this keep up, I may have a new blog called “Tommy’s DQ Corner” and expose those who are having issues… just kidding… maybe. Anyway, this weeks DQ’s include:

1. Completed card and correct math, dated, named, signed and attested by a “question mark”. Seriously?

2. Completed card with no date, tournament name, no signature and no attest.

3. Completed card attested by player named with no name of scorer, no date and no tournament name.

I see many of you come in and complete a second card after the round. This is appreciated as they tend to be very neat but you have to remember to have it signed and dated.

The next 3 weeks is the President’s Cup. Hopefully this is an easy one as you add up your score, apply your handicap and submit your net. Sign and double check your math. Don’t forget to sign up on the date you play. Need 2 rounds over a 3 week period. Do not sign up 3 times please.

Finally, any new member who has a “trend” can use that for our tournament purposes.

That is all…
Tom Terzakis