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Dear MGA Members,

We are looking forward to the 2017 golf season.

DUES: The renewal dues  for all existing members for the upcoming season will be $120. Please make checks payable to the “OHCC Men’s Golf Association”. Please be aware that dues must be received by March 4th, 2017 to avoid any late fees. A late fee charge of $25 will be assessed for any payments made after March 4th, 2017.

Please also note that we are collecting donations for the “1st tee” program, a worthy cause, and your donation may/should be included with your dues check.

NEW MEMBERS: The fee for the application for new members will remain at $75. A new member would pay the $120 dues along with the application fee of $75 for a total of $195 for the initial new membership. We are currently accepting applications for the upcoming season and will continue to accept new members throughout the year.

Please also note that a Committee is in the process of reviewing the procedures when playing tournaments from the Gold Tees. They will have their recommendations for the Board for our March meeting in advance of the 2017 season. The Board will keep the Membership advised.

The Board of the Orange Hills Country Club Men’s Association is looking forward to another successful year at Orange Hills Country Club.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments:

Thank you  and very  truly yours,

David M. Piechota, President

Orange Hills Country Club Men’s Association


Club Championship Qualifying



Club Championship Qualifying
SeedName1st Round2nd RoundTotal Score
1stSteve Gettings6979148
2ndMatthew HolubDCDCDefending Champion
3rdMike Castiello7379151
4thDo Ho Roh7874152
5thGraham Niemi8275157
6thJoe Weber7979158
7thPaul Flament7683159
8thDave Kennedy7980159
9thMark Williams, Jr.7981160
10thGary Rimler7983162
11thEd Grillo8381164
12thBert Rapini8483167
13thDave Smeriglio8979168
14thJoe Pascarella8385168
15thYoung Soo Lim8785172
16thRich Hemming8887175* Won Playoff
17thGil Jennings9184175
18thRob Kennedy7997176
19thDan Hanish8692178
20thRobert Benedetto9588183
21stMike Detulio8896184
22ndPeter Tomlinson7784WD
23rdPepe Rubino87WDWD
24thFrank FedakDNSDNSDNS


2015 Bracketology


2015 Bracketology Info

Congrats to Steve Gettings on winning the 2014 Bracketology!


– Sign up deadline has been extended to April 26th

– Do not miss out on one of the best tournaments of the year!!!

– First 64 Players to sign up will be eligible

– $30.00 Entry Fee Per Player

– Players must pay entry fee at time of sign up

– 80% of Handicaps to be used

– Matches not played within the allotted time will be forfeited. No Exceptions! (Matches can be played on the weekends or weekdays)

– One match per round, per month from May to October

– Prizes to be paid to the Top Eight Spots (Elite Eight)

– Bob Tossetti will collect all fees and setup all brackets. He will be responsible for any questions regarding the tournament.

Senior / Super Senior Club Championship

Senior Club Championship
Low GrossNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stPaul Flament153$1008
2nd - TieGary Rimler156$352
2nd - TieJoe Innamorato156$352
Low NetNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stWerner Roeck130$1008
2nd - TieSkip Fisher132$653
2nd - TieRoger Sliby132$653
Super Senior Club Championship
Low GrossNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1st - * match of cardsMike Kraus165$1008
2ndPaul Ganassini165$704
Low NetNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stTom Sullivan132$1008
2ndScott Duell137$704
3rdBob Reilly138$552
Total Payout$795


June 6th or 7th

1st Flight
PlaceNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stMatt Rully61$405
Tom Terzakis$405
2ndDave Burke64$202
Herbie Hill2
2ndMichael Moccia64$202
Frank Rully$202
2nd Flight
1stSkip Fisher60$405
Brian O'Leary$405
2ndBlasé Sanzone63$202
Ed Tayag$202
2ndJim Merola63$202
Hank Osipa$202
Total Payout$320

Four Ball

June 14, 20 and 21

Championship Flight
PlaceNamePayoutMGA Points
1stSteve Gettings$10010
Craig Pastore$10010
2ndGary Rimler$505
Mark Williams$505
1st Flight
1stRobert Benedetto$10010
Christos Satrazemis$10010
2ndAl Barton$505
Mike Kraus$505
2nd Flight
1stBob Kownacki$10010
Dave Tesla$10010
2ndJohn Motsinger$505
Blasé Sanzone$505
3rd Flight
1stBill Kulas$10010
John Pomeroy$10010
2ndMarty Powell$505
Frank Rully$505
4th Flight
1stJim Cucurello$10010
Bob Detrick$10010
2ndEd Dolan$505
John Radley$505
Total Payout$1,500

MGA Memorial

1st Flight
Odd HolesNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stJoe Innamorato33$253
1stBob Kownacki33$253
1stDan Hanish33$253
1stGary Tomkins33$253
Even HolesNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stPatrick Coyle33$405
2ndJoe Innamorata34$252
2ndDrew Ahern34$252
2nd Flight
Odd HolesNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stDave Piechota31$405
2ndFrank Rully33$202
2ndRay Kaminski33$202
2ndSkip Fisher33$202
Even HolesNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stJohn Pomeroy31$405
2ndTom Sullivan33$303
3rdTony Craig34$201
3rdDan McCloskey34$201
3rdJim Stackpole34$201
Total Payout $420
1st Flight
Patrick Coyle143733
Joe Innamorato103334
Drew Ahern83434
Christos Satrazemis143635
Jim Jamgochian163635
Gil Jennings103835
Bob Kownacki133336
Sean Huban113536
Dave Mastracchio, Sr.103736
Gary Tomkins153337
Raymond Birdsall143637
Mike Castiello33737
Peter Daniels163837
Scott Duell144338
Dave Kennedy73440
Dave Smeriglio103440
John Motsinger143840
Paul Van Dam143840
Dan Hanish153341
Gino Deicicchi123641
Joe Latella163841
Mark Petrucelli153542
Ray Brooks133643
Tom Terzakis163943
Mike Kraus123544
Gary Rimler43644
Bill Lee13545
Michael Moccia123846
2nd Flight
John Pomeroy173531
Tom Sullivan263533
Tony Craig213634
Dan McCloskey173734
Jim Stackpole263834
Frank Rully183335
Russ Sanders214435
Sam Maida215035
Rich Arnold263836
Brian O'Leary253936
Robert Bishop333936
Gary Chadderton174036
Skip Fisher193337
Ed Tayag, Sr.174037
Glenn Conway294337
Marty Powell183638
Roger Sliby314038
Glenn Augustine324138
Ray Kaminski203339
Ed Schuck213540
Matt Rully173640
Herbie Hill, Jr.183740
Scott Murray173741
Fred Fawcett224342
Billy Stevens253843
Dave Belowsky243943
Jeff Brown214343
Hank Osipa194144
Jim Whitley194344
Werner Roeck294245
Dave Piechota223146
George Figerle173953
Jimmy Curzi2435NC

Orange Hills Member-Member

May 16th or 17th

1st FlightNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1st *Robert Benedetto71$757
Steve Gettings$757
2ndJoe Pascarella71$504
Dave Smerglio$504
2nd FlightNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stGino Deicicchi75$757
Michael Moccia$757
3rd FlightNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1st *Randy Benedetto81$757
Scott Duell$757
4th FlightNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stDan McCloskey83$757
Matthew Rully$757
5th FlightNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stRaymond Kaminski81$757
Bill Stevens$757
6th FlightNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stGlenn Augustine
Glenn Conway$757
Total Payout$1,000
* won by matching of cards
1st FlightNameScore
1st *Robert Benedetto71
Steve Gettings
2ndJoe Pascarella71
Dave Smerglio
3rdAndrew Ahern73
Eddie Grillo
4thWilliam Lee74
Mark Karagus, Jr.
5thRob Kennedy75
Pepe Rubino
5thTim Ahern75
Tony Capozzo
7thAl Barton77
Greg Yudkin
8thDavid Mastracchio79
Greg Yudkin
9thKevin MolaDNS
Jimmy Solkoske
* won by matching of cards
2nd FlightNameScore
1stGino Deicicchi75
Michael Moccia
2ndPatrick Coyle77
Rich Hemming
3rdDana Blanchard78
Dave Mastracchio, Jr.
3rdJonah Cohen78
Alex Liptak
5thKen Cowan83
Gordon Leahey
6thRay Brooks85
Mike Kraus
3rd FlightNameScore
1st *Randy Benedetto81
Scott Duell
2ndDan Hanish81
Bob Reilly
2ndBen Foss81
Dave Tesla
2ndJoe Latella81
Gary Tompkins
2ndMark Petrucelli81
Frank Rully
2ndBlasé Sanzone81
Ed Tayag, Sr.
* won by matching of cards
4th FlightNameScore
1stDan McCloskey83
Matt Rully
2ndAnthony Ayala86
Jim Moraveck
2ndAl Brown86
Billy Donegan
4thRay Benedetto87
Marty Powell
4thGary Chadderton87
John Pomeroy
6thJack Eich88
Bill Kulas
5th FlightNameScore
1stRay Kaminski81
Billy Stevens
2ndJohn Radley84
Ed Schuck
3rdTony Craig86
Greg McDaniel
4thDave Belowsky87
Skip Fisher
5thRuss Sanders93
Jim Stackpole
6thJimmy Curzi95
Jim Whitley
6th FlightNameScore
1stGlenn Augustine91
Glenn Conway
2ndBrian O'Leary96
Mel Saunders
2ndDamien Caldwell96
Jim Cucurello
4thRich Arnold99
Roger Sliby
5thPhil Cucurello100
Ed Dolan
6thBob Bishop101
Kevin Cox

Sucker in the Bucket

May 9th or 10th

Place#NameScorePayoutMGA Points
Total Payout$560
1st Place1Ray Benedetto64$454
2Christos Satrazemis$454
3Ed Schuck$454
4Billy Stevens$454
1st Place1Gary Chadderton64$454
2Ed Dolan$454
3Sam Maida$454
4Craig Pastore$454
3rd Place1Dan Hanish65$251
2Bill Kulas$251
3Jim Moraveck$251
4Bert Rapini$251
3rd Place1John Davignon65$251
2Paul Ganassini$251
3Richard Keller$251
4John Radley$251

Presidents Cup

April 18, 19, 25, 26, May 2 or 3

Presidents Cup Payouts

PlaceNameScorePayoutMGA Points
1stThomas Terzakis134$1008
2ndDavid Smeriglio139$804
3rdDavid Burke141$602
4thMatthew Patrick Holub142$400
5thJames Jamgochian144$100
5thMark Petrucelli144$100
5thEd Schuck144$100
Total Payout$310

Final Standings

PlaceNameRound 1Round 2Total
1stThomas Terzakis6767134
2ndDavid Smeriglio7069139
3rdDavid Burke6972141
4thMatthew Patrick Holub7171142
5thJames Jamgochian6876144
5thMark Petrucelli7074144
5thEd Schuck6876144
8thMike Kraus7570145
9thAnthony Capozzo7572147
10thDan Hanish7573148
10thBob Reilly7474148
12thMike Castiello7376149
12thGino Deicicchi7673149
14thBauer Sumpio7872150
14thScotty Williams7575150
16thScott Duell7774151
17thRay Brooks7676152
17thDr. James Casey7181152
19thJoseph Cybart7875153
19thKevin Mola7875153
19thDavid Piechota7479153
19thWalter Piechota7974153
23rdJohn Radley8074154
24thJames Cucurello7679155
24thFrank Rully8372155
26thJim Whitley8174155
27thJoe "Stumpy" Latella7779156
28thAl Thibautt7780157
29thRich Arnold8078158
29thBob Kownacki7880158
31stGlenn Augustine8475159
31stRobert Bishop8376159
33rdKyle Birdsall7981160
33rdAlex Liptak8377160
33rdTom Sullivan8278160
37thBrian O'Leary7784161
38thGary Tomkins8181162
39thGeorge Baron7688164
39thKen Cowan7886164
39thPete White8381164
43rdDave Belowsky8976165
43rdMike Glynn7986165
45thDave Mastracchio8878166
45thBill Stevens8185166
47thGeorge Figerle9375168
48thGlenn Conway8386169
48thMarty Powell7693169
50thSteve Epifano9084174
51stHank Osipa8788175
52ndRalph Malafronte9287179

Pick Your Own 2-Man Team

April 11th or 12th

1st Flight NameScorePayoutMGA Points
Total Payout$140
Tied for 1st1Ed Tayag, Sr.77$355
1Greg Yudkin$355
Tied for 1st1Kyle Birdsall
1Ray Birdsall
Tied for 3rd3Scott Duell81$01
3Dave Smerglio$01
Tied for 3rd3Bill Stuart81$01
3Bob Kownacki
2nd Flight NameScorePayoutMGA Points
Total Payout$140
1st Place1Mike Glynn82$405
1Bauer Sumpio$405
2nd Place2Stephen Epifano93$303
2Phillip Reynolds$303
3rd Place3Fred Dinenson94$01
3Fred Fawcett$01

5-4-3 Out

April 4th or 5th

1st FlightNameScorePayoutMGA Points
Total Payout$120
1stGordon Leahy49$505
Tied for 2ndPaul Flament59$352
Tied for 2ndFrank Rully59$352
2nd FlightNameScorePayoutMGA Points
Total Payout$120
1stGlenn Augustine59$505
Tied for 2ndJohn Radley62$352
Tied for 2ndBlasé Sanzone62$352



We hope that this winter has not been to tough on all of you. It certainly didn’t start off like it ended. The number of storms and constant cold at the end of January and throughout February has all of us wondering if April will ever get here and if the snow will be gone in time.

The weather has presented many challenges. Among those may have been the ability get to the Orange Hills clubhouse to drop off your dues or even the ability to remember that it is that time of year when we need to renew our membership to the Orange Hills Men’s Golf Association.

Annual dues payments were due by March 7, 2015. We have many of our members who have sent in or dropped off their dues already.  However, there are some who have not. If you have not done so already and you intend to, please do so as soon as possible.

At our last board meeting we voted to extend the deadline to March 21, 2015 to give anyone who needed a little more time, based on the current conditions.

After March 21, 2015 all will be subject to a late fee of $25.00.

We are looking forward to a great season and having a strong membership again this year. Thus far it appears we have approximately ten new members.  Don’t delay, drop off or mail in your dues as soon as you can. We look forward to seeing you on the course again this year.

Thank you,

Orange Hills Men’s Golf Association

2014 Ryder Cup

Grassy Hill Country Club
Sunday, October 19
10:00 AM
2014 OHCC Ryder Cup Team
Club Champion
Matt Holub
Senior Club Champion
Gary Rimler
Low Gross Qualifier
Steve Gettings
Low Net Qualifiers
Pepe Rubino
Alex Liptak
Mike Kraus
Skip Fisher
Mark Williams Jr.
Dan McCloskey
Dave Smeriglio
Captain’s Picks
Raymond Benedetto
Scott Williams