Preferred Lies – May 30 or 31

Preferred Lies – May 30 or 31

When a ball lies in part of the general area cut to fairway height or less free relief may be taken once by placing the original ball no more than one club length from the original lie no nearer the hole than the original lie and must be placed in the general area.

The ball may be cleaned when taking this relief.

This relief is limited to fairways, collars and teeing areas. It does not include a bare spot in the rough.

If the ball is in a bunker the same relief may be taken but the ball MUST be placed in the bunker and played from the bunker.

A breach of this rule results in a two stroke penalty under Rule 14.7a.

Temporary water is an abnormal course condition and free relief may be taken under Rule 16.1.

Sucker In The Bucket


Up this week is the Sucker in the Bucket Tournament. Fun event to loosen things up before the Classic. Day of Play 4 man team. Read the flyer and also recommend making copy of the scorecard. Most important with this event is posting which player’s score you are using prior to playing the next hole. The whole concept is to go from 4 to 3 to 2 to the SUCKER. I may have told this story last year but it’s worth a repeat. My group was playing this event and absolutely killing it when we came to 12 which is a sucker hole. Our sucker, who will remain nameless due to embarrassment, Frank Rully, rinsed 6 balls and posted a smooth 15 for 13. Needless to say that ended the day. It was so f**king funny we almost peed ourselves. Anyway, that’s the concept of the event. Who is man enough to stand up when the pressure is on. Hope to get 15-20 cards for this. I’m thinking big due to the the tremendous participation thus far.

Sucker In The Bucket
Sucker In The Bucket Scorecard

With that being said, the next issue is The Classic. I cannot say anything detrimental about the turnout but I do need your help. Yes, this is potentially a 3 round event and some cannot make the commitment, but I need ONE TEAM to fill the bracket. I’m breaking my balls over here and need 2 guys to say, yep, I’m here to help and in it to win it. So please, get me 1 more team! I feel like I’m running the Jerry Lewis Telethon (some will have no clue of this reference), just give me a little bit more!! What the world needs now…….

Ok, that’s enough for now. Be well, play well and see you soon. That is all………………………..