Preferred Lies - July 11 or 12

Preferred Lies – July 11 or 12

When the ball lies in the General Area cut to fairway height or less free relief may be taken once by placing a ball within one club length of the original lie no nearer the hole. The penalty for incorrectly proceeding under this rule is the general penalty (two strokes) under Rule 14.7a.

Temporary water is an abnormal course condition and free relief may be taken under Rule 16.1a and 16.1b.

If there is temporary water in a bunker the ball must be placed in the bunker and played from the bunker. The ball may be cleaned when taking this relief.

This Week – Nine A Man


Up this week is the 9 a man event. Signup is day of play. Signup sheet has two names per line so signup with your partner. Please use today’s handicap. There is a link below and the report will be at the check in. Circle the score you are using prior to teeing off the next hole. I do not want to see a perfect card ya cheatin’ bastards. Also below is a sample card. The way you knuckleheads complete cards, I strongly recommend you print a copy and bring it with you. This sample is also on the big board. I’m starting to get frustrated with the scoring and the DQ pen is out and ready. I will no longer be adding your cards. If it’s not done right, I am not even looking at it. You guys have gotten into bad habits and this needs to be corrected.

Nine A Man Format
Nine A Man Scorecard
Handicap Report

**While submitting scorecards via the website.. be sure to use the 2-Man Team Tournament form.

That is all………………