I’ve had to make an executive decision that may make some of you angry. I’m sorry but it’s out of my control.

Hopefully the Saturday golfers know the course is closed in the morning due to an outside tournament. This week is the HOPE CLASSIC which is the penultimate tournament of year and last chance to get into the Tourney of Champs. Unfortunately, this tournament will proceed as planned and the Saturday golfers will either have to play after 2:30 or on Sunday if possible. This tourney is only open to those who have yet to qualify for next week’s TOURNAMENT of CHAMPIONS. There will be 1 gross and 1 net winner for this event.


The Ryder qualifying will be taking place this weekend and next. Need 2 rounds posted. A few of you have 1 round in already with one player with both (MJ- I found it). This is now a day of play sign up. Logistics just don’t allow for matchups at this point. As it is, next weekend will consist of Ryder Cup and ToC for many of you. I know it’s a pain but that’s the way it is.

Again, my apologies, especially to the Saturday crew who are getting short-changed. Please feel free to yell, scream, bitch and complain to me. I’ve gotten used to it.

Thank you and that is all………….