Board Member Nominations

Fellow OHCC MGA Members-

The Nominating Committee of the OHCC Men’s Golf Association is currently looking for members who may be interested in joining the Board of Governors for the 2022 season.

The Board of Governors has, until recently, always operated with 11 members plus the Past President. However, this year we ran for most of the year with only 7 members following the unfortunate passing of Secretary Rich Arnold. A loss felt well beyond just the Board of Governors.

Despite operating well below full strength, most of us would agree this year’s Board has done a pretty good job, but, filling all open positions and operating at full capacity could only improve the quality of our Association and the experience you all have. For one thing, working with a full compliment of Board members would allow for much better representation of all groups within our membership.

With close to 200 members each year, our membership is quite diverse. We have new members coming in every year joining with members who have been here for many years. We have young members as well as not so young members. Saturday golfers versus Sunday golfers. Low handicap players and beginners. The more of these groups we can represent on the Board the better everyone’s experience is going to be.

Currently, the following positions are open:

  • Secretary – as with all executive positions on the Board this is a one-year term position
  • At-Large Board Member – Three-year Term

The strength of our Board is crucial in order to continue moving our Association forward. We have quite a few current active members who have served in the past. If you want to know whether it was worth it, just ask one of them about their experience.

Gentlemen, oftentimes it is quite easy to become critical of how things are being done. We can probably all agree we have been guilty of that at times. Is it fair to be critical of those who are trying to make things better if we have never made the effort ourselves? So, whether you are pleased with how the Association has been operating and would like to help, or if you are displeased and would like to see something change, this is your opportunity.

If you think you are interested or would like to find out more about what may be involved please contact one of the following Nominating Committee Members. We would love to hear from you.

James Curzi
(203) 464-3470

David Belowsky
(203) 668-9671

Walter Smith
(203) 795-4161

2021 Four Ball

The 2021 Four Ball will start on Sunday, September 26. The sign-up sheet is still out and will be taken down on Tuesday, September 21.

  • Sign up before predetermined date
  • Two-man team best ball, match play, flighted
  • Teams and tee times will be assigned
  • The first round of this tournament is scheduled for Sunday. Semi-finals and Finals will be played the following Saturday and Sunday. Check for rain dates
  • $100 entry fee, per team (pay before round)
  • No Calcutta for this tournament

The Tournament Committee is looking to set up a meeting with anyone who wants to join the committee, and also talk about tournaments for next year. I’d like to set up a weekday around 5:30 at OHCC.

Please contact me if interested – (203) 710-7050 Pepe (cell).

Thank you,

MGA Tournament Committee