2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Dear Members,

Below is a link to the Minutes of the Annual MGA Meeting from January 2020. This is part of the information being sent to you for your review and comment before the Annual MGA Meeting which will be held on January 31, 2021 at 11:00. Only Officers and Board Members will physically attend the meeting due to COVID restrictions on physical gatherings. Any comments should be forwarded to me at rarnold48@aol.com.

2020 MGA Meeting Minutes

Thank you for your cooperation in these unusual and difficult times.

Rich Arnold, Secretary

2021 Tournament Schedule

Below is a link to the proposed draft of the 2021 Tournament Schedule as the first part of the information being forwarded to you regarding the Annual Meeting on January 31, 2021. Comments can be forwarded to me at rarnold48@aol.com. Your comments will be shared with the Board and will be addressed by the Board. You will receive additional information regarding last year’s minutes of the 2020 Annual Meeting and a summary of the committee reports in the coming days. All responses will be welcomed.

2021 Tournament Schedule

2021 Annual Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting of the Orange Hills Men’s Golf Association will take place on Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 11:00 AM at the Orange Hills Country Club in accordance with the by-laws of the Association.

Due to the Covid pandemic and restrictions on the number of persons who can gather, physical attendance at this meeting will be restricted to the Officers and Board Members of the Men’s Golf Association.

Informational packets will be e-mailed to the members of the Men’s Golf Association in advance of the meeting to allow sufficient time for members to comment or to ask questions. Please read the informational packet for instructions on how to respond. The informational packets will include the minutes of the 2020 Annual Meeting, as well as, all Committee Reports, Dues Information and the proposed Slate of Officers and Board Members for the 2021 golf season.

There will be no increase in the dues for the 2021 golf season. The dues are currently $130 and will remain at $130. Information on prepaid tee time payments will also be included. The proposed schedule for tournaments will be included in the informational packet, providing the schedule has been finalized.