Black Friday Results

Nine A Man Score Cash
1 Kevin Hanson 63 $400
Christos Satrazemski
2 Mike Moccia 65 $300
Tom Terzakis
3 Drew Ahern   66* $200
John Ahern
4 Joseph D’Amato 66 $100
Closest To The Pin
#3 Drew Ahern 5’ 1”
#9 Christos Satrazemo 6’ 9”
#10 Bruce Stevenson 19′
#13 Ralph Malafronte 7’ 3”

* Matching Cards

Holy cow what a day!! Close to 60 degrees, barely a hint of wind and basically just perfect! I must say I didn’t see that coming. Last year was maybe low 40’s with a nice cooling breeze to pretty much turtle everyone up and send chills up and down the spine. I am a bit surprised that the top 3 places were all playing as 9 or less handicaps. In a net tourney this does not happen very often. Congrats to the winners- and yes, I had multiple people review and tear apart Christos’ card because, well, it’s Christos!

So men, this wraps the season. While not an MGA event per se, I run this for you. Just a way to have a little fun before the clubs go into hibernation. Also I want you know for those that don’t- this is my swan song as your Tournament Chairman. My final duties are putting together next year’s schedule. I listened to your suggestions and an early peek would be to let you know that we will do a spring and fall Member- Member, bring back the ABCD and try to eliminate some of the silly events. The Member- Member events will have first flights playing blue tees. The Classic will have first flight playing from blue tees. The CC will continue to play championship flight AND first flight from the blue tees. Many players wanted to return to having at least a few events that mix it up a bit as far as playing with others.

So I want to thank each of you for having to deal with my barrage of emails and constant BS. Most important is that you all- maybe not all but most- were great in signing up online and posting cards online. This was a challenging year to say the least and you helped me tremendously so kudos to you all. I enjoyed running these events but the time is just too much especially with what we all had to go through. If I had any tech savvy at all, I would have figured a way to add a tournament scoring system to the site. Hopefully the incoming administration can figure something out. So I bid you adieu and thank you again. It’s been my pleasure to to work with you all and I’ve met some great people I probably wouldn’t have playing in my 6am bubble. A special thanks to the board for helping me and of course the Smith Family for bending to some if not most of my requests. Very important is the man behind the scenes and our website guru Matt. He used some editorial control against me but it was probably for the best. He did let most of nonsense through. Thank you Matt!

I will try to keep this Black Friday event alive so you can’t totally get rid of me.

That is all………………………