2020 OHCC Black Friday


Even though the season is over I missed you bastards so much I felt the need to send you a post.

So last year I ran a Black Friday event (that’s the day after Thanksgiving for some of you knuckleheads) that was pretty well received. Even though the esteemed Dr. Fauci, flip-flopper extraordinaire, has basically said to cancel our National Holiday (yeah right), I am looking to garner interest for holding the 2nd Annual Event. Last year we had 54 brave souls trudge through the tundra and seemed as though we all enjoyed the day.

Sooo…Matt has added a signup link under the MGA section of the OHCC site. If interested, please go the link and sign up as soon as possible. This will give me a gauge as to whether I am wasting my time. I need 50 and want 70. A reach? Maybe. Can’t tell with the way this year played out. We had enormous participation all year but the member appreciation was lighter than expected. Here’s what I’m thinking…

2020 OHCC Black Friday
10AM – Shotgun
$85.00 per player
Golf, Gift, Food After and Cash Prizes
Closest To The Pin contest on all 4 par 3’s
Birdie Pool? May have to do this separately
Format: 2-Man, Nine A Man – Net 80%

Not necessarily just for our association. Not looking to make this a public spectacle, but if you wanted to bring a friend, so be it. If no GHIN then he plays at zero. No exceptions.

So that’s that. let me know. The sooner the better. Besides, what are you gonna do? Mask up and go to the mall with your significant other!! Haha…please. Although, I may be overestimating some of you…hmmm…

Anyway, that is all……………..

Oh, P.S.- To those playing and running the Mohegan event- thanks for the invite. After dominating last year I thought I would get at least an ask. SMH!