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2019 Ryder Cup Matches

Dear Members:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the association for allowing me to Captain our Ryder Cup team this year against Grassy Hill. I am proud to report we had a convincing win 44-12.

We had a great team that really played well. The team from Grassy was also a great bunch that showed a lot of class in defeat. They look forward to a rematch next year.

I would like to thank the people who made my life easier Sunday. Tom Terzakis our assistant a Captain who was out on the course getting score updates, team cameraman Marty “lens” Powell and Judy and her staff. I must also thank Ralph Malafronte for playing a woman.

Another year in the books. Enjoy the off season and see everyone on the tee in 2020.

The Nuge

Wrap it Up!!!

Orange Hills: 44
Grassy Hill: 12

Holy Cow! What a way to end our 2019 golf season!

Captain Bob Nugent’s merry misfits absolutely dominate our cross town rivals. The Nuge started the day with a relaxing breakfast for the boys, mixes in a little Rudy speech and sends the boys out to just spank a tough Grassy Hill squad.

Nuge starts the day sending out his A team of Gettings and Rimler to set the tone. While this team struggled early, they grinded out a impressive 7.5 of 9 potential points. The rest of the boys followed suit. Our team only lost 4 of 12 individual matches on the front. All four righted the ship and responded with wins on the back. Kudos for digging deep and getting in on the fun. All six of our groupings bested Grassy Hill in terms of total points. Each group was playing for 9 points. Our lowest score was 5.5 which is exceptional. The best was saved for last though. Nuge knew he needed a strong anchor in the event the matches were close. He thought the brothers Benedetto (birthday boy Ray and Robert) were just the type of winners he needed. Did they disappoint? Hell no! All they did was go out and sweep all 9 points! A little serenade of Happy Birthday to Ray as he approached 18 and the day was complete.

So a big thank you goes out to Nuge for putting this together. Team photographer Marty was snapping away all day. He took so many photos he had to go into his camera and delete photos going back to Trump’s inauguration. I know that killed him as a huge MAGA guy that Marty is. But OHCC is very important to him and took this one for the team. Photos to show up some day on the website. I think he was still using rolled film but I’m not 100% sure on that.

Thanks to the staff of OHCC for a great course and helping in every way imaginable. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Congrats to all our players and wishing you good swing thoughts as we head into the dark days of northeast hell!

That is all…………