2020 Tournament Schedule


The calendar has turned and the weather has been favorable. I believe we are on the downhill racing toward another season of frustration. Will we get better? Doubtful, but it does get us out of the house for a few hours.

The 2020 Tournament Schedule is ready. For those not at the annual meeting, a few changes have been implemented. Three tournaments have been eliminated and replaced. The Four-Ball, ABCD and Hope Classic are muerto. The lack of participation has led to this change. These will be replaced with an Intra-Club Ryder Cup- a 2 day Saturday and Sunday event in late July, A 3-2-1 Event which is a pick your 4 man team event and a Modified Stableford event which will played concurrently with the Intra Ryder Cup for those failing to qualify. The synopsis of these 3 new events follow after the schedule. Should you have questions- and I expect you will- please feel free to email me to discuss. So without further ado, I present for 2020…………

2020 Tournament Schedule

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