Preferred Lies - July 11 or 12

This Week – Nine A Man


Up this week is the 9 a man event. Signup is day of play. Signup sheet has two names per line so signup with your partner. Please use today’s handicap. There is a link below and the report will be at the check in. Circle the score you are using prior to teeing off the next hole. I do not want to see a perfect card ya cheatin’ bastards. Also below is a sample card. The way you knuckleheads complete cards, I strongly recommend you print a copy and bring it with you. This sample is also on the big board. I’m starting to get frustrated with the scoring and the DQ pen is out and ready. I will no longer be adding your cards. If it’s not done right, I am not even looking at it. You guys have gotten into bad habits and this needs to be corrected.

Nine A Man Format
Nine A Man Scorecard
Handicap Report

**While submitting scorecards via the website.. be sure to use the 2-Man Team Tournament form.

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2020 Intra-Club Ryder Cup


Here is your inaugural 2020 Intra-Club Ryder Cup Qualifiers: (list is in order of score)

Gross (12):
J. Ahern
R. Kennedy

R. Hemming

Note: 1. Niemi cannot play due to last minute obligations that weekend so Iacobelli is first in.

F. Rully


This is a full commitment 2 day event to be held Saturday 7/25 and Sunday 7/26. I will have the captains wait a week or so to draft teams to make sure everyone herein is committed to play.

Saturday: All matches are 9 holes
2 man best ball
2 man scramble. Players must use minimum of 4 tee balls

2 man best ball

More info to follow. Please contact me if you are unable to commit to this event.

That is all………………….




A special news report from the department of redundancy department…I need your score cards. I don’t give a damn what you shot but I need to know regardless. I’ve been harping on this since the get go. In the past if your card was not in the box I would just fire up a big DQ with no questions asked. With how we are going about this now, I have no idea if you tried to send and I didn’t receive or maybe I overlooked it. I’m missing a shit ton of cards and I will show the names in a minute. If you blow and didn’t feel like humiliating yourself to me, just send a note you no carded.

Now that that is out of my system, I would like to thank all of those who sent the cards via the website. To make it a bit easier for the next couple of weeks, you can send 1 card with multi tourney’s on it. Just note the card and put in comment box whatever it is (senior and ryder cup etc.)

If you have multi players on the card, just note it’s for you and whomever. I don’t need multiple emails from multiple players. Just designate 1 sender.

Note that anyone who signed up and did/does not send in a card is DQ’ed from whatever you signed up for.

There were a ton of ridiculously low scores out there this week and I am pretty damn skeptical of some of your handicaps. By the way, there were 99 signups for the various events. This is just siiiick! If I don’t get a f’in raise there will be hell to pay.

S- Sr CC
SS- Super Senior
NS- Non Sr
RC- Ryder Cup

Paul Daniels- S
Reilly- SS, RC
Duell- SS
Dineson S
Satchamezeemus- NS, RC
Coyle- NS, RC
Relya- S
Bauer- S, RC
DePalma- S
Urquidi- S
O’Leary- S, RC
Pisano- NS, RC
Holub- NS, RC
R. Kennedy- NS
Hottin- S
Williams- S
Schuck- SS
Stevens- SS
Kaminsky- SS
Garcia- NS, RC
Epifan0- RC
K. Birsdall- NS
Aquilino- NS

So you see, I can’t really finish the job with this much missing. I really do kinda sorta work for a living so this is taking up a bit too much of my time. Bitching session has timed out…

That is all…………..


This Week


Up this week is the Senior Club Championship (age 55 and up), Super Senior Club Championship (age 65 and up) and Non-Senior Tournament (age 54 and less). 3 week to play 2 rounds and post those 2 scores. Gross and Net. Simple card. Add it up and subtract handicap and put in the total. For this event I am not adding your card for you. Do it and do it correct. You don’t need a sample card for this. You may also play the Intra-Ryder Cup on the same card as any of these 3 events. The sign up sheet will have 4 options. Choose 1 or 2 if you elect the Intra Event too. There is an attached handicap report herein and also this will be at the desk with sign in. This report will be used for all three rounds. Be certain to write in your event(s) on the scorecard. I am not hunting this down. If it’s blank- you’re toast. I have been more than fair this year but these next three week are going to suck for me so do it right.

Non-Senior Challenge
Senior & Super Senior Club Championships
Handicap Report


Please read

With the overwhelming participation this year it looks as though we may end up with big numbers for the CC. Here is what is going to happen. An added day for the event will be added as we will be going to 16 man flights. In all likelihood we will end up with 5 or 6 flights of 16. This will require an extra round so the dates of play will be August 22, 23, 29 and 30. That is 2 full weekends for those who advance. The Championship Flight Qualifier will be held Saturday AND Sunday August 8 and 9. Rain date will be the 15th and 16th. Disregard anything I mentioned about having 2 weeks of qualifying. Not happening. In the event we do not have 16 play in the qualifier, then the low 16 will make up the first flight to be played from the blue tees. The 5-4-3 Event will be moved to the 15th and 16th to allow those qualifying to play if they so choose. More on this to follow as the summer progresses.

Good Luck to all and to me to win the SCC as newly eligible and get the taste of embarrassment out of my system from the Classic.

That is all……………


Preferred Lies – July 11 or 12

When the ball lies in the General Area cut to fairway height or less free relief may be taken once by placing a ball within one club length of the original lie no nearer the hole. The penalty for incorrectly proceeding under this rule is the general penalty (two strokes) under Rule 14.7a.

Temporary water is an abnormal course condition and free relief may be taken under Rule 16.1a and 16.1b.

If there is temporary water in a bunker the ball must be placed in the bunker and played from the bunker. The ball may be cleaned when taking this relief.


*****PLEASE READ*****


Last year we had a new member join, Mike Jandreau. He worked hard on his game, won a couple events and qualified for the Ryder Cup team. Mike has yet to play this year as he is going through a very difficult family illness. Please keep Mike in your thoughts and pray for his family. We can’t wait to have him back out here.

An update on the next couple of weeks. First, participation has been enormous for the first 2 events of the year. Looks as though we are all trying to make the best of a difficult time. Thanks to all of you for playing and helping me out.

Couple of inquiries this week:

1. The qualifying for the Intra Ryder Cop is 2 rounds gross and net. This does not mean choosing the best of multiple scores. We have 6 weekends (12 opportunities) to play 2 rounds. Sign up before the round and turn in that card. No card equals a DQ. We have a few of those already.

2. Please do not play mid week and send me a card. Tournament play dates are posted on the schedule and Flyers that are hung up on the board. We are a weekend association.


This weekend is the final weekend for the Presidents Cup. Please remember to sign up at the window and email me your card for those that do not have 2 rounds posted yet.


This weekend marks the end of Phase 1 for Ryder Cup qualifying. If you elect to play this weekend for qualifying, please sign up at the window and send me your card. Weather looks rough so I don’t expect too many will try, but do whatever you want. There will be 3 more weekends (6 days) at end of June where you can still try to qualify.


Next week is the Member Member. Sign ups were fast when I posted earlier this week but have fallen off since. Right now I am at half the field I expect. You can either email me your intentions or there will be a sign up sheet at the window this weekend. Sunday is the cutoff. Let me say that again…SUNDAY is the cutoff!!! I have to put together pairings and figure out tee times in a timely manner as not to mess up Judy’s schedule. If you emailed me, do not sign up at the window. Don’t call me Tuesday saying you want to play. Let’s get with the program and sign up. This is a great event with many opportunities to win!


I have received inquiries as to why the CC is back in August. Unfortunately this was necessary due to the club having obligations in September. It was August or Mid-October and I’m not dealing with this in October.

What we have decided was to add a second weekend for qualifying for the Championship flight. Initially, qualifying was to be held August 15 and 16th for your 2 rounds. We have decided to add August 8 and 9 to the mix. You will still need to post 2 rounds but will have 4 opportunities to get those two rounds in. You must play from Blue Tees and also play with another member attempting to qualify.

Ok, that’s enough for today. Hope everyone is healthy and enjoying the family time. Play well and see you soon.

That is all…………..


Next Three Weeks


Multiple event opportunities over the next 3 weeks.

First up is the President’s Cup. This is a 2 net rounds over 3 weeks. Please email me or Judy or tell whomever is behind the window you are playing. Email completed scorecards to me and letting me know this is round 1 or 2. You can play this any of the next 3 Saturday or Sunday’s. Please send me card regardless if you DQ yourself or no card. We will be using the handicaps noted herein and also on the big board at the club. These handicaps will be used for all 3 weeks.

Second, qualifying begins for the Intra Ryder Cup (if it happens). Same deal. 2 rounds needed. See the flyer below and posted on the big board for the dates. This will be open over the next 3 weeks and also for 3 weeks in June/July. I need 2 rounds. Low 12 gross and low 12 net. Scoring for Intra Ryder Cup is both gross and net so fill out card just like the President’s Cup card. You can use 1 card for both if you so choose. Note the bottom of the card which or both events.

My mind is a bit frazzled these days so let’s go with this. If I can think of anything else, I’ll pester Matt to send out something new.

Oh, quick funny story, I told you guys if I know you then I don’t care about breaking balls…I played Tuesday morning. Sliby is there who won low net last week. He’s all gloating after Sunday’s tirade how he sucks and should be thrown out of the association. I tell him he and Gettings are the only Tourney of Champion qualifiers. Without batting an eye he say F**k him, right now or anytime anywhere! I nearly peed myself. He was joking so don’t get all high and mighty on me. I just thought it was funny.

2020 President’s Cup Description
2020 President’s Cup Scorecard
2020 Intra Ryder Cup Description
Handicaps – 4/22/20

Anyway, that is all…………….


Golf at Orange Hills


I hope all is well is with everyone including your families, friends and loved ones. We are in a very difficult time, something I never thought was possible in this country. Golf obviously is not a high priority but I wanted to share what we intend to do as a golf association and family.

Please read this entire post.

The schedule for 2020 will start with the April 18/19 “Point” event. The board will meet again in Early May to decide how to proceed for events going forward. Please note that you are under no obligation to play. The state has allowed the course to remain open for now but we all must adhere to the strict guidelines as proposed by the CSGA. In the event you plan to take advantage of the exercise associated with golf, we thought it best to activate the schedule.

The club has to adhere to strict guidelines the state has implemented. The clubhouse is closed so golfers can pay on the patio through a window or you may call the day of play and give Judy your CC number over the phone. Tee Times will be in 10 minute intervals. If you have a permanent tee time, the order will remain the same but expect your start to be a bit later than normal. Please contact the course to let them know whether you intend to play or not. Do not arrive early for your time. Please just give yourselves a few minutes to arrive and warm up. The congregating of people has forced the shutdown of a course in Naugatuck. Social Distancing is a must (I really hate this term and needs to be stricken from the record when this is over). If you ride a cart, then it’s one rider only per cart. There will be no guarantee of carts for later times. There will be no ball washers or rakes or water coolers and flag stick are not to be touched.

If you elect to play in an event, there will be plenty of aggravation to deal with. Please notify Judy your intentions to enter an event and she will send me a list of players. At the completion of your round your scorecard must be email to me. Take a picture on your phone and send it off. Scorecards will not be handed out in the clubhouse. They can found in the shack at the first tee or you can download off the OHCC website and print at home.

Handicaps are now updated daily. We have decided to use a handicap sheet that is sent to us on Wednesday for use in weekend events. Do not use your app or the computer on the date of play for your handicap. A handicap sheet will be posted weekly on the OHCC website until this pandemic is over. Please go to the website under men’s association to find your number for that week.

Last year we tried to implement the new rule of mark, lift, clean and replace. We had been notified on numerous occasions that liberties were being taken with the replacement. We will change this to a local rule of lift clean and place within 1 club length in closely mown areas only. Closely mown areas include fairways, collars and teeing areas. There will be no touching of the ball anywhere else except for temporary water, etc. You will be allowed to lift, clean and place in another fairway. There will be no rakes in bunkers so lifting and placing no nearer the hole will be allowed.

I understand how our lives have been turned upside down. Again, you are under no obligation to play in these events. Is this going to be a huge inconvenience? Yes it is. I will do anything I can to make this go smooth. I will not be out to DQ you which normally makes me very happy. Even I understand. I will need all your help and support if we are to make, at least, the early part of the season a success.

Please stay healthy and hope to see you all soon. And wash your hands!


Tom Terzakis

2019 Black Friday Tournament


What a great day on Friday. I can tell you I was nervous on how many were going to bail out. 51 of 52 golfers showed up to tee it up. It was a beautiful, sunny day with great friends, good food and pretty solid golf considering the elements. I want to thank those of you for participating. Hopefully we can make this an annual event. The knit cap gift certainly came in handy! Special thanks to the OHCC staff for helping make this run smoothly.

Here are the results:

First Place: $300.00 – Blaise Sanzone & Gary Tompkins 67
Second Place: $200.00 – Roger Sliby & Deni Iacobelli  68
Third Place: $120.00 – Luis Urquidi & John Murphy 69 (3-way matching of cards)

Closest to Pin – $25.00 OHCC Gift Card

3rd Hole: Mike Kraus 2′ 9″
9th Hole: Andy Benowitz 7′ 7″
10th Hole: Tom Terzakis 2′ 5″ – Hey, I had to sneak something out of this
13th Hole: Paul Flament 11′ 3″ – Judy has your card

Thank you again and we will see you, hopefully, at the kickoff meeting at the end of January. Changes are a comin’ to handicaps and possibly the tournament schedule.

Don’t forget to post rounds from down south or out west!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!

That is all……………….


2019 Ryder Cup Matches

Dear Members:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the association for allowing me to Captain our Ryder Cup team this year against Grassy Hill. I am proud to report we had a convincing win 44-12.

We had a great team that really played well. The team from Grassy was also a great bunch that showed a lot of class in defeat. They look forward to a rematch next year.

I would like to thank the people who made my life easier Sunday. Tom Terzakis our assistant a Captain who was out on the course getting score updates, team cameraman Marty “lens” Powell and Judy and her staff. I must also thank Ralph Malafronte for playing a woman.

Another year in the books. Enjoy the off season and see everyone on the tee in 2020.

The Nuge

Wrap it Up!!!

Orange Hills: 44
Grassy Hill: 12

Holy Cow! What a way to end our 2019 golf season!

Captain Bob Nugent’s merry misfits absolutely dominate our cross town rivals. The Nuge started the day with a relaxing breakfast for the boys, mixes in a little Rudy speech and sends the boys out to just spank a tough Grassy Hill squad.

Nuge starts the day sending out his A team of Gettings and Rimler to set the tone. While this team struggled early, they grinded out a impressive 7.5 of 9 potential points. The rest of the boys followed suit. Our team only lost 4 of 12 individual matches on the front. All four righted the ship and responded with wins on the back. Kudos for digging deep and getting in on the fun. All six of our groupings bested Grassy Hill in terms of total points. Each group was playing for 9 points. Our lowest score was 5.5 which is exceptional. The best was saved for last though. Nuge knew he needed a strong anchor in the event the matches were close. He thought the brothers Benedetto (birthday boy Ray and Robert) were just the type of winners he needed. Did they disappoint? Hell no! All they did was go out and sweep all 9 points! A little serenade of Happy Birthday to Ray as he approached 18 and the day was complete.

So a big thank you goes out to Nuge for putting this together. Team photographer Marty was snapping away all day. He took so many photos he had to go into his camera and delete photos going back to Trump’s inauguration. I know that killed him as a huge MAGA guy that Marty is. But OHCC is very important to him and took this one for the team. Photos to show up some day on the website. I think he was still using rolled film but I’m not 100% sure on that.

Thanks to the staff of OHCC for a great course and helping in every way imaginable. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Congrats to all our players and wishing you good swing thoughts as we head into the dark days of northeast hell!

That is all…………