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Below is the final count for Sunday. Please review and advise if you cannot make it. We have 84 ready to tee it up. Good fun, good food and good prizes. Sunday is supposed to be pretty mint, mid-70’s with a touch of humidity. A “W” after your name denotes those who are walking. A “F” denotes those playing forward.

You are responsible for your own scorecard. A Handicap Sheet will be at the front desk (and attached below). Use the sheet and not your app. We are using the most recent report I have. When completing your card for submission, I DO NOT want to see dots and slashes. I want your gross score, your handicap and your net score. Yes, you can have 4 scores on a card. Fill it out yourselves, I’m not your maid. This is a blind 2 man team- Combined Score- Gross and Net. Circle you birdies (or better). Again, I’m not hunting through cards looking for it.

Everyone coming through 18 to 1 will stop and see the Nuge to qualify for the putting and chipping finals. This will be held after lunch and when the scoring is complete.

Prior to teeing off, make sure you see the Nuge and give him $20 in cash. If you don’t know the Nuge, as if that’s possible, he will be the big guy most likely chomping a cigar circulating around the front area of the clubhouse.

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Handicap Report

Bring your A game and don’t let down your partner! Have fun and see you Sunday!!

Hopefully I won’t be bothering you again, but you never know.

That is all………….


2020 Ryder Cup Team


Your 2020 Orange Hills Ryder Cup Team
Date: Sunday, October 11 at Grassy Hill CC
Time: TBD

Peter Tomlinson
Zach Carrano
Gary Rimler
Ben Foss
Mario Argentino
Dave Smeriglio
Kevin Hanson
Rich Hemming
Ryan Solkoske
Brian McCabe
Peter White
Roger Bauer

I need to know if you can play as soon as possible. I made an error in the date last week. Also, I need shirt sizes immediately.

Congrats to the qualifiers! Please get back to me right away.

That is all…………