Board Member Nominations

Fellow OHCC MGA Members-

The Nominating Committee of the OHCC Men’s Golf Association is currently looking for members who may be interested in joining the Board of Governors for the 2022 season.

The Board of Governors has, until recently, always operated with 11 members plus the Past President. However, this year we ran for most of the year with only 7 members following the unfortunate passing of Secretary Rich Arnold. A loss felt well beyond just the Board of Governors.

Despite operating well below full strength, most of us would agree this year’s Board has done a pretty good job, but, filling all open positions and operating at full capacity could only improve the quality of our Association and the experience you all have. For one thing, working with a full compliment of Board members would allow for much better representation of all groups within our membership.

With close to 200 members each year, our membership is quite diverse. We have new members coming in every year joining with members who have been here for many years. We have young members as well as not so young members. Saturday golfers versus Sunday golfers. Low handicap players and beginners. The more of these groups we can represent on the Board the better everyone’s experience is going to be.

Currently, the following positions are open:

  • Secretary – as with all executive positions on the Board this is a one-year term position
  • At-Large Board Member – Three-year Term

The strength of our Board is crucial in order to continue moving our Association forward. We have quite a few current active members who have served in the past. If you want to know whether it was worth it, just ask one of them about their experience.

Gentlemen, oftentimes it is quite easy to become critical of how things are being done. We can probably all agree we have been guilty of that at times. Is it fair to be critical of those who are trying to make things better if we have never made the effort ourselves? So, whether you are pleased with how the Association has been operating and would like to help, or if you are displeased and would like to see something change, this is your opportunity.

If you think you are interested or would like to find out more about what may be involved please contact one of the following Nominating Committee Members. We would love to hear from you.

James Curzi
(203) 464-3470

David Belowsky
(203) 668-9671

Walter Smith
(203) 795-4161

2021 Four Ball

The 2021 Four Ball will start on Sunday, September 26. The sign-up sheet is still out and will be taken down on Tuesday, September 21.

  • Sign up before predetermined date
  • Two-man team best ball, match play, flighted
  • Teams and tee times will be assigned
  • The first round of this tournament is scheduled for Sunday. Semi-finals and Finals will be played the following Saturday and Sunday. Check for rain dates
  • $100 entry fee, per team (pay before round)
  • No Calcutta for this tournament

The Tournament Committee is looking to set up a meeting with anyone who wants to join the committee, and also talk about tournaments for next year. I’d like to set up a weekday around 5:30 at OHCC.

Please contact me if interested – (203) 710-7050 Pepe (cell).

Thank you,

MGA Tournament Committee

Preferred Lies and Abnormal Course Conditions

September 11 & 12

When the ball lies in the General Area cut to fairway height or less, free relief may be taken ONCE by placing the ball within ONE CLUB LENGTH of the original lie no nearer the hole. The ball may be cleaned when taking this relief. A breach of this rule results in the general penalty under Rule 14.7a.

Temporary water is an abnormal course condition and free relief may be taken under Rule 16. The ball may be cleaned when taking this relief.

Abnormal Course Conditions

When playing the 6th and 7th holes ONLY – when a ball comes to rest on an embedded stone, or the embedded stone interferes with the player’s stroke, free relief may be taken under Rule 16.1b. This local rule does NOT include the player’s stance.

Midway Through the 2021 Season


We are about midway through the 2021 season and I want to touch on a few things.

First I want to say thank you to every member for the vast improvement we have seen in maintaining our GHIN System and posting scores. Thank you to those who have been playing at other clubs away from Orange Hills CC and have been diligent in posting those scores as well.

That being said, I do have one notice of ineligibility to communicate for this weekend’s Nine-A-Man Tournament and that is Mike Lazzara for not posting some scores. I apologize, but fair is fair.

Now on to the positives.

As some of you may know, we have a number of Board of Governor positions open currently and as such we will have open positions for the 2022 season. I have had several members approach me about becoming involved and I have passed their names along to our Nominating Committee. However, we still have open positions that we would like to fill. If any of you may be interested in getting involved or if you know someone who may want to be involved and would like to nominate them, please reach out to me or contact the Board directly. We would love to get some new blood and fresh ideas to continue moving forward.

Finally, we have Club Championship – Championship Flight Qualifying on July 31st and August 1st. This has always been a fantastic weekend and we expect nothing less this year. Any member who enjoys playing with better competition and wants to test themselves, this is the event to do that. Keep in mind also that there will be no signing up for the First Flight in the Club Championship this year. The First Flight will be created with the eight players who are defeated in their opening match of the Championship Flight. So, if you don’t attempt to qualify on the 31st/1st, you will not be able to play in the First Flight of the Championship.

Sign-up sheets for the Qualifying weekend will be out in the next few days. We hope to see a lot of names on it this year. Good luck to everyone who does sign up!


Glenn A. Hottin, President
OHCC Men’s Golf Association

My Apologies to Tim Stuart


I want to apologize for an error that was made which caused us to include a member in the message posted yesterday regarding those ineligible to participate in the upcoming tournaments.

On behalf of the Handicap Committee and myself, I would like to apologize to Tim Stuart for this mistake. Although there was a member by the name Stuart who participated in the Classic Tournament, the wrong member’s name was used when reviewing scores. Tim did not participate in the tournament and in fact, as was brought to my attention, is living out of state at the moment and could not have participated.

My sincere apologies to Tim and we will ensure that as we move forward this type of error will not occur in the future.


Glenn A. Hottin, President
OHCC Men’s Association

Senior, Super-Senior and Non-Senior Challenge


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Classic Tournament the past few weekends and congratulations to those who made it all the way to the end.

This weekend begins the three-week play of the Senior and Super Senior Club Championships as well as the Non-Senior Challenge for all of you not yet aged enough to join us old guys! Good luck to everyone.

In general we have had very good compliance with the posting of scores over the last few weeks. However there have been a few players who did not post scores for rounds they played and have not responded to any of the attempts to reach out to them. Therefore, the following members will be ineligible to participate in any of these three tournaments. Assuming they post their scores for rounds played they will once again be eligible for the Nine-A-Man Tournament which follows.

Bob Relyea (Classic Round 1)
Peter Tomlinson (Bartholomew at Pequabuck)

Thank you to everyone for the efforts being made to post scores. I think we are seeing more parity in the winner’s circle so far with some new names showing up. I hope we will see more new names through the remainder of the season.


Glenn A. Hottin, President
OHCC Men’s Golf Association

“Majors” Season is Upon Us!

Good Afternoon Gentlemen,

Well, we are now one third of the way through our season and about to enter “Majors” season. We have the Classic coming up the next two weekends followed by the Senior and Super-Senior Club Championship before we get into Club Championship beginning in July. We would like to try something different this year and have “Rules Officials” available during our Major events to assist with any rules questions that may arise during these competition rounds. If you are not participating in the Classic Tournament this weekend and feel you have a fair understanding of the rules and would like to help out please either contact me directly or send a message to the Rules Committee using the contact form here. Further, for anyone who is not fortunate enough to advance to the second round who might like to assist next weekend please do the same.

We have seen a vast improvement over the past several weeks in the consistency of our members posting scores and I would to thank everyone for doing so. We still have a few members who need to be contacted and reminded but I think that will correct itself in time as well.

One issue we do still see a little of is players taking the wrong adjustment to scores under the new Equitable Stroke Rule. This rule sets the “maximum” score on any hole for ALL players at “net” double bogey. Which means that on any hole where a player would receive a stoke according to his handicap he would be able to record a gross triple bogey resulting in a score of “net” double bogey. We still have some players adjusting scores under the old rule where players carrying a handicap of 9 or below were only able to take a maximum score of double bogey. Please be sure you are applying the rule correctly as you adjust your scores.

I want to wish all of those players participating in the Classic this weekend good luck. Those not participating, I hope you have an enjoyable weekend as well.

Glenn Hottin, President
OHCC Men’s Golf Association

Posting Scores


As of today the following members have still not posted their score from this past weekend and will have one last opportunity to do so to avoid becoming ineligible to participate in the Sucker-in-a-Bucket tournament this weekend. If any of these members are part of a foursome planning on competing in the tournament as a group this week the other members of that foursome may want to reach out to him as your group may not have a valid foursome for the tournament.

Gino Deicicchi
Mario Argentino
Jim Daddio
Gary Mullin
Dave Belowsky
Bill Kulas
James Murray

I have asked the Handicap Committee and the Tournament Committee to delay running the handicap report that is used for the weekend play until tomorrow. This will allow the rest of today for scores to be posted and counted. However, as of tomorrow morning any member remaining on this list who has not posted a score will be ineligible for participation this weekend.

There seems to be some ongoing confusion around posting scores for a round when you may pick up without finishing a hole. The USGA addresses this directly and has always had a procedure for posting these scores. Below is a link to the section of the Rules at the USGA website that deals with this issue. I suggest we all familiarize ourselves with it.

Rules of Handicapping (


Glenn A. Hottin, President
OHCC Men’s Golf Association

Reminder to Post Scores


Let me start out by saying that the posting of scores this week has been much better. However, as of today there are still a number of members who have not posted their score from this past weekend’s play.

As a reminder, we will be reviewing the GHIN system tomorrow. Any player who has not posted their score as of today so that it will show up tomorrow may be deemed ineligible to participate in this coming weekend’s tournament.

This tournament is a Net play tournament and therefore accurate handicaps are important. Since the tournament committee uses the handicaps from the GHIN system as of this evening, any score not posted may in fact impact a member’s handicap. Failure to post a score may result in a member playing under an inaccurate handicap.


Glenn A. Hottin, President
OHCC Men’s Golf Association

Posting Scores

To All MGA Members,

We are now five weeks deep into the 2021 season and we have had some strong participation in tournaments so far. Especially considering that the weather really has not been fantastic. Congratulations to all of the winners!

The other side of being five weeks into the season is that at this time we still have a surprising number of members who are not posting scores in a timely and consistent manner. Under the new GHIN system handicaps update every day and it is important that scores are posted as soon as practical. We would expect that scores are posted within 24 hours of completion of a round of golf. Our entire Board of Governors, and in particular our Handicap Committee, are working hard to ensure the fairness and integrity of our competition.

If you are not posting scores because they are higher than normal and you don’t want to “hurt” your handicap, well, come tournament time, you are only hurting yourself and if it is a team event you are hurting the person who has to be your partner. If you are not posting low scores in an effort to maintain a high handicap and give you an edge in tournament play, gentlemen, that’s cheating. Neither of these scenarios is acceptable.

Therefore, we will be reviewing the GHIN system and score posting prior to each tournament. If we find participants who have signed up for a tournament who are not posting scores for any reason, those individuals may be prohibited from participating in the tournament. This will certainly be enforced for all team events.

Gentlemen, you all know that golf is a game of honesty and integrity. It is the only sport that has no referees or umpires watching our every move. We are an association of “amateur” golfers who just want to enjoy the game of golf and maybe have some friendly competition along the way. There is nothing enjoyable about cheating and dishonesty.

There is a lot of season left. Good Luck, play well but most importantly, let’s play by the rules.


Glenn Hottin, President
OHCC Men’s Golf Association

2021 Golf Season has finally opened!

I know it may have seemed like it might never arrive, but April is upon us.

Warmer weather appears to be making its way into Connecticut.

Most importantly, the 2021 golf season has finally opened!

This weekend marks the opening week of our tournament schedule for the year with a tournament format that we have used at times in the past and always seems to be a fun way to get the season started. The Two-Man Team 6/6/6 format allows us to get out and knock some of the rust off without worrying too much about how well we may play individually. As with most team events, a bad shot here or there won’t be as devastating as long as your teammate can pick you up! Therefore, pick your team wisely…but most importantly have some fun.

We follow this tournament up with a Point Tournament on April 17 and 18 and then we have the President’s Cup which will take us into the first weekend of May.
For those of you who have regular groups each week this allows you to get the year started with your buddies. For those of your who may not have a regular group that you play in, check with the clubhouse as there are always groups looking for one or two players.

We have a number of new members this year so if you see a new face around the clubhouse don’t be afraid to say hello, introduce yourself and welcome them into the group.

Let’s get this season started!

Glenn Hottin, President

2021 Board Meeting Schedule*

January 31 – Annual Meeting
March 4 (via Zoom)**
April 1
May 6
June 3
July 1
August 5
September 2
October 7
November 4 (via Zoom)**
December 2 (via Zoom)**
January 13, 2022 (via Zoom, If Needed)

* all meetings from April through October are held at the Orange Hills clubhouse at 6:30PM.

** Any member who would like to attend a meeting held via Zoom can notify the Board in advance and an invitation will be sent to the email address provided by that member.

Letter from the President


Welcome to 2021, as we all anxiously await the arrival of the new golf season here in the Northeast and say goodbye to 2020!

While we can all agree that the challenges we faced as golfers pale in comparison to the challenges that many have faced in day-to-day life, they were challenges just the same. I, for one, would like to say thank you to all the members of the Board of Governors and the management of Orange Hills Country Club for finding ways to make the season feel as normal as possible throughout a difficult year. Let me also give an individual shout-out to Tom Terzakis who, as Tournament Director, probably had the toughest challenge of all coordinating a full season or tournaments and doing it successfully.

As I rejoin the Board, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to continue building on these successes. However, as I have said so many times before, the Board of Governors cannot do it alone. Keep this in mind, the Board of Governors is here to represent you, the members. During my previous tenure on the Board, I would say it at every Annual Meeting, the Board needs and welcomes your input in order to deliver the product you expect from them.

I know for a fact that many of you have thoughts, ideas or suggestions about something you would like to see different. I have heard it. I have spent time in the back room on a weekend after my round and hear the things that are talked about. But gentlemen, I will not speak for the entire Board, but I know that I do not read minds. I am guessing most of the other Board members don’t either. So, if the only four people who know what your ideas are, are you and the three guys you play with every week then you really cannot expect anything to be different.

I would like to see that change. Let me say this again, if you have a thought, if you have an idea, if you have a suggestion or concern share it with the Board. Not during their round of golf, please. But I would like to know what you have on your mind and I will make myself available to hear it. Here is my personal email address, drop me a note: Although I prefer to talk with you personally, these are still different times so reach out and we can schedule a convenient time to talk either by phone or face-to-face. During the season if you see me after my round at the clubhouse, say hello. Tell me if you have something on your mind.

Gentlemen, like all of you, I am looking forward to getting this golf season started and hopefully this pandemic that has held the world hostage for nearly a year begins to settle down and we can get back to some degree of normal. Help us make this a grand “Re-Opening”.

I wish each of you good health and success in 2021 and look forward to seeing you all soon. Until then, please stay safe.


Glenn Hottin, President
OHCC Men’s Golf Association

Informational Packet

Dear Members:

Attached please find the informational packet for the January 31, 2021 Annual Meeting. These are the topics expected to be covered. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

Rich Arnold

Informational Packet for Members of the O.H.C.C. – MGA

Annual Meeting Reports for the Annual Membership Meeting
January 31, 2021 at the Orange Hills Country Club at 11:00 a.m.

The following is a summary of the reports to be presented by the Officers and the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting

President’s Report- Dave Piechota
President Piechota offers his thanks to the Smith family, their staff and the Officers and members of the Board for making the 2020 golf season a success especially considering the extraordinary challenges that were presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. He also asked the Board and the Membership to offer congratulations to Bud Smith who recently celebrated his 96th Birthday.

Secretary Report-Rich Arnold
Rich Arnold will read the minutes of the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting. Please see the attachment to this e-mail for those minutes.

Hole-In-One Payments
There were no recorded Hole-In-One’s for 2020 that were eligible for payment. Therefore, there is still a Hole-In-One account balance of $475 as of this date. If you have already paid your $5.00 for Hole-In-One Insurance, please do not pay another $5.00 at this time. If you have not paid your $5.00 and wish to enroll in the Hole-One Insurance fund, please see Rich Arnold or drop an envelope containing $5.00 in the drawer to the left of the computer at the clubhouse. Please place your name and date of payment on the envelope.

Treasurer’s Report – Roger Sliby
We will carryover $3,063 from 2020 into the new year. We donated $642 to the First Tee. The Memorial Tournament donations were $1,540 and distributed to BH Care Domestic Violence, The Milford Rape Crisis Center and to the Arthritis Foundation. The tournament payouts were over $12,000 for the year.

Membership Report – Roger Sliby (Frank Rully-absent)
We ended the year with 183 paid members. We had 15 new members join in 2020.

Tournament Report – Tom Terzakis


Well, it was quite a year. 2020 presented some obstacles we all thought were probably impossible. The Wuhan Virus took us by storm. We cancelled the first event back in April to adjust to what we were confronted with. We decided as a board to continue with our schedule to try to maintain some normalcy in our lives. While we had minor pushback against moving ahead, I believe we made the right move. In my 25 years in the club, I cannot recall participation levels so high. We averaged close to 100 members for most all events. Thank you’s go out to each and every member who adjusted their habits and adapted to what I fear is another year of internet sign ups and scoring. Our IT guru Matt Wiederecht deserves accolades for helping me/us out to alleviate the chaos.

In 2020 we added some new events including the Intra Club Ryder Cup which was a HUGE success. Ideally, we hope to expand this to 16 per side and we should have answers soon. The Modified Stableford event also worked out very well.

2021 initially looks to continue the status quo. Luckily the tentative schedule shows “date-of-play” sign up for the first few events. It is not until early May when advanced sign up for the spring Member- Member will be needed. We can only hope the virus is more in control by this time.
A tentative schedule has been presented for approval. (Please see the attachment to this e-mail).

I listened (sort of) to your ideas (complaints) and have made some changes. Member-Member events will be played from the Blue Tees for the First Flight. The Classic will play from the Blues for the First Flight and the Club Championship will have the Championship Flight AND First Flight playing back. The Inter Cup Ryder Cup qualifying may be revisited by the new board so that remains up in the air at this time.
The first tournament will be held, weather/virus permitting, April 10 & 11.

Please welcome a new OHCC administration and I’m sure they will continue to advance our club for better.
Finally, a personal thank you to all for the kind words and help during a most troubling time. I am truly grateful!!

Handicap Report – The Club Champion was Peter Tomlinson. The Most Improved Golfer was Rob Kennedy who went from a 7.5 to a 3.4. The overall MGA Cup total points winner was Steve Gettings. The Tournament of Champions winner (low gross) was Steve Gettings. The low net winner was Mark Petrucelli.

Rules Committee: Fred Fawcett

CSGA: Fred Fawcett

Old Business: None

New Business
Nominating Committee- James Curzi

The nominating Committee consisted of Mr. Walter (Bud) Smith, David Belowsky and James Curzi. James Curzi will present the following slate of nominees for the 2021 Officers and At Large Board members.

President: Glenn Hottin
First Vice-President and Tournament Chairman: Bruce Stevenson
Second Vice-Chairman and Handicap Chairman: Mark Karagus
Treasurer: Roger Sliby
Secretary: Richard Arnold
Membership Chairman (Member at Large) Dave Belowsky
Board Members still service existing terms: Frank Rully and Fred Fawcett
Past President: Dave Piechota

In addition, the Board would like to express appreciation to outgoing President Dave Piechota, and outgoing Board members Tom Terzakis, Andy Benowitz and Mike Chamberlain for their combined years of service on the Board. Special thanks are due to Dave Piechota who served as President and Tom Terzakis who served as the Tournament Chairman. Their service, especially in 2020 during the Covid pandemic, is greatly appreciated.

Dues will remain at $130 and are payable to the OHCC-MGA by March 22, 2021. A late fee of $25 will be assessed for payments received after the due date. If you wish to contribute to the First Tee of Connecticut, please add your donation to your dues check in addition to your payment of $130.00. Payments can be dropped off at the clubhouse (limited week day hours) or mailed to: Men’s Golf Association, Orange Hills C.C., 389 Racebrook Road, Orange, CT 06477 or Roger Sliby, 460 Savin Avenue Apt A8, West Haven, CT 06516. Payments can also be dropped off to Dave Belowsky, Cretella & Belowsky Insurance, Suite 3, 472 Boston Post Road, Orange, CT. 06477.

Prepaid Tee Times
Members can sign up for 2021 Prepaid Tee Times by contacting Judy Smith at O.H.C.C. Prepaid tee times are not the responsibility of the Men’s Golf Association. Payments would be made directly to the Orange Hills Country Club. Judy Smith will be directly contacting those who wish to renew their prepaid tee times. Those seeking a tee time for the first time should contact Judy Smith at OHCC.