The Classic

Round 2 Shot Revision

I made a couple shot calculation errors in first and second flight.
Revised shots noted below. Cards will be with the Starter.

Saturday Round 2

Smeriglio/VanDam(3) VS. Rubino(1)/Satrezemis(1)
Neeley(2)/Hanson(6) VS. Rapini(4)/Lee

Teodosio(1)/Hottin VS. Hemming/Luciano(2)
Benedetto(1)/Iacobelli VS. Casey(1)/Onofrio(3)

Jamgochian(2)/Okolo(3) VS. Forbes/Murphy(3)
Rowley/White(6) VS. Sanzone(5)/Sanzone(2)

Bauer(6)/Murray VS. Jandreau(6)/Teodosio(3)
Schuck(10)/Garcia(1) VS. Coyle/Cox(9)

Borelli(6)/Matalot VS. Malafronte(8)/Abell(1)
Stevens(6)/Canestri(1) VS. Caldwell(6)/Dolan

Tee Times

6:45 – Jamgochian, Okolo, Murphy, Forbes
7:22 – Rowley, White, Sanzone, Sanzone
7:30 – Smeriglio, Van Dam, Rubino, Satrazemis
7:45 – Bauer, Murray, Jandreau, Frank Teodosio
7:52 – Cox, Coyle, Shuck, Garcia
8:52 – Lee, Rapini, Neeley, Hanson
9:00 – Hottin, Dave Teodosio, Hemming, Luciano
9:07 – Robert Benedetto, Iacobelli, Casey, Onofrio
9:22 – Stevens, Canestri, Caldwell, Mike Dolan
9:30 – Borelli, Matalope, Malafronte, Abell

Round 1 Results

1st Flight:

Smeriglio/Vandam def. Tomlinson/ Donavan- 23 HOLES
Rubino/Satrezemis def. Karagus/Grillo- 2 UP
Neeley/Hanson def. Jennings/Barton- 4&3
Rapini/Lee def. Foss/Sokolske- 6&5

2nd Flight:

Teodosio/Hottin def. Benowitz/Latella- 4&3
Hemming/Luciano def. Moccia/Rully- 4&3
Benedetto/Iacobelli def. Lariviere/Withington- 1 UP
Casey/Onofrio def. Birdsall/Birdsall- Unknown

3rd Flight:

Jamgochian/Okolo def. Terzakis/Goodwin- 22 HOLES
Forbes/Murphy def. Pomeroy/Tayag- 5&3
Rowley/White def. Tesla/Kulas- 3&2
Sanzone/Sanzone def. Benedetto/Benedetto- 2 UP

4th Flight:

Bauer/Murray def. Daniels/Daniels- 3&1
Jandreau/Teodsio def. Petrucelli/Sanders- 3&1
Schuck/Garcia def. Fisher/Moraveck- 4&3
Coyle/Cox def. Relya/Powell- 4&3

5th Flight:

Borelli/Matalote def. Dolan/Kelly- 5&4
Malafronte/Abell def. Radley/Fawcett- 2 UP
Stevens/Canestri def. McCabe/Dellert- 4&3
Caldwell/Dolan def. Belowsky/Arnold- 7&5

Classic Tournament

July 14, 20, 21

  • Pick your own partner, four-ball
  • Two-man team best ball, match play, flighted
  • The first round of this tournament is scheduled for Sunday. Semi-finals and Finals will be played the following Saturday and Sunday. Check for rain dates
  • 80% Handicap for all flights
  • $100 per Team
  • Calcutta TBD


  1. Sign up sheet has been out and fliers posted by the computer and in the bar.
  2. Sign up is very light. Let’s get moving people. This tournament is awesome and I would like to see 5-6 flights.
  3. Sign up deadline is this coming Sunday 7/7/2019. If you can’t get over to sign up, email me and I will do it.
  4. TEAM ENTRY FEE of $100
  5. There will be no championship flight due to lack of interest playing without strokes.

Thank you,