Classic Tournament


There have been many inquiries and suggestions to the board for the Classic. For the new guys, The Classic is a pick your partner 4 ball flighted competition played over 3 rounds with 8 teams per flight with the winners advancing. This tournament has had an outside of the association Calcutta money pool associated with it for a number of years but waning interest has given us an idea to try for this year. Here are the changes for this year:

  1. There will be a Championship Flight qualifier held on Sunday July 7th. Low 8 teams will make up the championship flight. This flight will be head to head with NO handicap strokes. There will be a $250.00 per team fee to make up the pot of money. All proceeds payable. $1400 to winners and $600 to runner up. If there is no interest, or not enough teams to make up a Championship Flight, then the the Championship Flight will be eliminated and low 8 teams that sign up will make up the first flight with handicaps INCLUDED at 80% off the low man. A $100 per team fee will be used instead of the $250.
  2. For all remaining flights, there will be a $100 entry per team. This will create a pot of money per flight with the winners collecting $560 and runner up at $240. Handicaps included at 80% off low man in the group. Flights will be determined by the combined handicaps of each team. We had considered keeping team handicaps within 6 points of each other for competitive fairness, but this tournament was created for the membership to play with whomever they wanted which differs from the 4-ball tournament. This has always been a money tournament and for some, they have soured on the Calcutta due to others purchasing their teams or others bidding up their teams too high. Hopefully, this new format will alleviate these issues. This was a long and sometimes heated negotiation amongst the board last night. We settled on this format and will try it for this year. If successful, this can become a regular format. If not, we tried and will try again next year to make it right. As always, membership input is vital and feel free to contact me with your ideas.

Please note, a side Calcutta can be done on your own but in no way will the association have a hand in this.

Hoping you all hit bombs and fire at pins!

Thank you.

Tom Terzakis