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I hope all is well is with everyone including your families, friends and loved ones. We are in a very difficult time, something I never thought was possible in this country. Golf obviously is not a high priority but I wanted to share what we intend to do as a golf association and family.

Please read this entire post.

The schedule for 2020 will start with the April 18/19 “Point” event. The board will meet again in Early May to decide how to proceed for events going forward. Please note that you are under no obligation to play. The state has allowed the course to remain open for now but we all must adhere to the strict guidelines as proposed by the CSGA. In the event you plan to take advantage of the exercise associated with golf, we thought it best to activate the schedule.

The club has to adhere to strict guidelines the state has implemented. The clubhouse is closed so golfers can pay on the patio through a window or you may call the day of play and give Judy your CC number over the phone. Tee Times will be in 10 minute intervals. If you have a permanent tee time, the order will remain the same but expect your start to be a bit later than normal. Please contact the course to let them know whether you intend to play or not. Do not arrive early for your time. Please just give yourselves a few minutes to arrive and warm up. The congregating of people has forced the shutdown of a course in Naugatuck. Social Distancing is a must (I really hate this term and needs to be stricken from the record when this is over). If you ride a cart, then it’s one rider only per cart. There will be no guarantee of carts for later times. There will be no ball washers or rakes or water coolers and flag stick are not to be touched.

If you elect to play in an event, there will be plenty of aggravation to deal with. Please notify Judy your intentions to enter an event and she will send me a list of players. At the completion of your round your scorecard must be email to me. Take a picture on your phone and send it off. Scorecards will not be handed out in the clubhouse. They can found in the shack at the first tee or you can download off the OHCC website and print at home.

Handicaps are now updated daily. We have decided to use a handicap sheet that is sent to us on Wednesday for use in weekend events. Do not use your app or the computer on the date of play for your handicap. A handicap sheet will be posted weekly on the OHCC website until this pandemic is over. Please go to the website under men’s association to find your number for that week.

Last year we tried to implement the new rule of mark, lift, clean and replace. We had been notified on numerous occasions that liberties were being taken with the replacement. We will change this to a local rule of lift clean and place within 1 club length in closely mown areas only. Closely mown areas include fairways, collars and teeing areas. There will be no touching of the ball anywhere else except for temporary water, etc. You will be allowed to lift, clean and place in another fairway. There will be no rakes in bunkers so lifting and placing no nearer the hole will be allowed.

I understand how our lives have been turned upside down. Again, you are under no obligation to play in these events. Is this going to be a huge inconvenience? Yes it is. I will do anything I can to make this go smooth. I will not be out to DQ you which normally makes me very happy. Even I understand. I will need all your help and support if we are to make, at least, the early part of the season a success.

Please stay healthy and hope to see you all soon. And wash your hands!


Tom Terzakis