Hole-In-One Insurance

2021 Updates

An updated Hole-In-One Insurance list will be posted on the bulletin board inside the Orange Hills clubhouse prior to the first Men’s Golf Association tournament. If you have already paid your $5.00 you do not have to pay again until a hole in one is scored. This is not an annual payment, and no one scored a hole in one in 2020. If you have paid your $5.00 please check the list to make sure your name has been added to the list. I had a computer “glitch” and I want to make sure no names were inadvertently eliminated.

Hole-In-One Insurance Payments

Please place your $5.00 payment in an envelope and place it in the MGA drawer next to the computer. On the envelope, write your full name, date of payment and the words Hole-In-One on the front of the envelope.

Payments will be collected by each Friday evening, and an updated list will be posted early Saturday morning.

If you make a payment on Saturday or Sunday mark the time you placed your payment in the MGA drawer. The time is necessary in the event of a weekend hole-in-one. A new updated list will be posted the following week.

The updated hole-in-one insurance list is posted on the MGA bulletin board by the restrooms and on the bulletin board next to the computer. Please do not write your own name on the posted list. The updated hole-in-one insurance list will no longer be posted on the MGA website.