Jack Frost/Black Friday Tournament


Are we done? Do we have one more event left in the tank?

So I’m hanging around, doing leaves, freezing, and just being miserable in general (I know, it’s hard to believe). Golf season is basically over- frost delays, leaves and basically crap that drives me nuts. I’m thinking- hey what can possibly aggravate me more? How about running another tournament! That should drive me nuts. Perfect I’m thinking. Years ago I played in a Black Friday Tourney at Grassy. Had a ball. It was sleeting out, 30 odd degrees but we all had a great time. So why not here? I call Judy and she’s game. So here’s what I’m thinking:

The Orange Hills Inaugural
Jack Frost/Black Friday Tournament
Friday, November 29
10 AM – Shotgun

2-Man Team (not definite as this is still in the early stages)
Golf, Carts, Soup and Sandwiches, Prizes
Maybe $70 fee. Again TBD

Let me know if there is any interest. I’ll do it if I can get 40 or so. May consider opening to outsiders.

What to you think?

Reply back to me please.

Obviously this all hinges on the weather and Judd. Listen, it could be worse… your significant other may want to go shopping with you!

Thank you for your time.


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