Membership Info

  1. Any member not on probation may sponsor a new applicant. Members are only allowed to sponsor one applicant at a time. The sponsor will be held accountable and act as the primary contact between the applicant and the membership committee.
  2. The application fee must accompany the completed application.
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  3. Applicants that were previous members of the Men’s Association are treated as new applicants.
  4. Once the application is accepted and reviewed by the membership committee, the applicant will be put on the waiting list.
  5. As openings occur, the applicant and sponsor will be invited to a social function by the membership committee. It is very important that the applicant and sponsor attend. Failure to attend this function will result in not moving up the applicants list.
  6. Once a membership spot is open, the applicant will be “posted” for thirty days prior to acceptance. During the “posting” period, the membership has the ability to speak to the membership committee in favor or against an applicant entire.
  7. Once the posting period is complete, the committee will recommend that applicant for membership in the Association. Upon a favorable vote, the applicant will be notified of the acceptance.
  8. All new members are on probation for one year.
  9. All Association members must play and record at least twelve (12) eighteen hole rounds at OHCC, within the USGA handicap posting year for this region. Five (5) of the 12 must be scheduled tournaments (one of which can be a scramble).