Preferred Lies – May 30 or 31

Next Three Weeks


Multiple event opportunities over the next 3 weeks.

First up is the President’s Cup. This is a 2 net rounds over 3 weeks. Please email me or Judy or tell whomever is behind the window you are playing. Email completed scorecards to me and letting me know this is round 1 or 2. You can play this any of the next 3 Saturday or Sunday’s. Please send me card regardless if you DQ yourself or no card. We will be using the handicaps noted herein and also on the big board at the club. These handicaps will be used for all 3 weeks.

Second, qualifying begins for the Intra Ryder Cup (if it happens). Same deal. 2 rounds needed. See the flyer below and posted on the big board for the dates. This will be open over the next 3 weeks and also for 3 weeks in June/July. I need 2 rounds. Low 12 gross and low 12 net. Scoring for Intra Ryder Cup is both gross and net so fill out card just like the President’s Cup card. You can use 1 card for both if you so choose. Note the bottom of the card which or both events.

My mind is a bit frazzled these days so let’s go with this. If I can think of anything else, I’ll pester Matt to send out something new.

Oh, quick funny story, I told you guys if I know you then I don’t care about breaking balls…I played Tuesday morning. Sliby is there who won low net last week. He’s all gloating after Sunday’s tirade how he sucks and should be thrown out of the association. I tell him he and Gettings are the only Tourney of Champion qualifiers. Without batting an eye he say F**k him, right now or anytime anywhere! I nearly peed myself. He was joking so don’t get all high and mighty on me. I just thought it was funny.

2020 President’s Cup Description
2020 President’s Cup Scorecard
2020 Intra Ryder Cup Description
Handicaps – 4/22/20

Anyway, that is all…………….


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