2018 Ryder Cup Team

Dear Members:

I wanted to write and express my gratitude for the opportunity to represent Orange Hills Ryder Cup team as your Captain for the past 4 years. I enjoyed it very much. Sunday was a tough match over at Muni and we were defeated. They were very gracious winners and fine hosts. A lot of fine people over there.

Thank you to the members who came out to cheer us on. Thank you to Marty “Eagle Eye” Powell for taking his time out to act as team photographer again.

Joe “Stumpy Ducks No One” Latella mentioned to me some members were upset the scores were not posted in my letter last week. That was an oversight on my part and I apologize. Here are the numbers.

Graham Niemi – 152
Dave Kennedy – 155
Dave Smergilio – 157
Gary Rimler – 163

Dan McCloskey – 135
Ed Tayag, Sr. – 139
Rich Hemming – 140
Damian Caldwell – 140
Robert Benedetto – 141
Jim Morevack – 142
Russ Sanders – 142
Ralph Malafronte – 142

Captains picks were JD Donovan & Pepe Rubino. Joe Weber was a replacement for Ralph Malafronte.

Steve Gettings represented the Champion slot in Peter’s absence & Paul Flament was our Senior champ.

I hope this clears this up. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to call me @ (203) 314-5359.



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