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Ryder Cup and Housekeeping


For those in the Ryder Cup I have gotten a couple inquiries about the format…SMH

There are FOUR 9-Hole Matches.


2-Man Team Best Ball for 9 Holes
2-Man Team Scramble for 9 Holes. In the Scramble there is a 4 drive minimum per player. Dot your card so I know who’s ball was used.


2-Man Best Ball for 9 holes
Singles for 9 holes

I won’t be there at 9am to hold your hands so don’t mess it up. Please wear khaki/tan shorts or pants per the request of your team captains.


Men, I am saddened this week. First it was brought to my attention that a player has not posted a score in close to 18 months yet qualified for Ryder Cup. Unfortunately he had to be removed from the team. Yesterday it was brought to my attention that yet another player has not posted a score this year and had to be removed from the team. I don’t understand. Going forward, now I have to not only verify you have the correct handicap, I have to go into your GHIN history to see that scores are being posted. This is quite a lot of work and contrary to popular opinion, I do work for a living. Now should you all pony up a bunch of money, then sure, I will have no problem doing this. I just don’t see that happening so please…please…please post your scores. Any member not posting will be playing as scratch until 5 scores are posted going forward. As a board, we will be discussing what is to happen at our next meeting.

Also, as I mentioned earlier in the week, someone is sabotaging handicaps. Please knock it off. If the culprit is unmasked, a suspension will be forthcoming.

Sorry to be a buzzkill on a Friday.

Good Luck and Play Well! I will be up to check on the matches sometime tomorrow.

That is all……..