The Classic


Completed scorecards are with the starter. Note that there are a handful of members playing from forward tee box. Their handicaps have been adjusted downward 2 points and 80% off that. This is just a note so you know what is happening.

Also, please put completed cards in first slot so I can update board. You are also required to post these scores. Regardless if you pick up or are out of a hole, you score your max or assumed score. Many players failed to post 4-ball scores. If this continues, eligibility for Club Championship will be in jeopardy.

Tee Times
Sunday, July 14

1st Flight
9:15 – Tomlinson, Donavan, Smeriglio, Vandam
9:30 – Karagas, Grillo, Rubino, Satrazemis
7:52 – Neeley, Hanson, Jennings, Barton
8:52 – Rapini, Lee, Foss, Solkeske

2nd Flight
7:07 – Dave Teodosio, Hottin, Benowitz, Latella
6:22 – Hemming, Luciano, Moccia, Frank Rully
9:45 – Robert Benedetto, Iacobelli, Lariviere, Withington
9:00 – Birdsall, Birdsall, Onofrio, Casey

3rd Flight
6:30 – Terzakis, Goodwin, Jamgocian, Okolo
8:15 – Forbes, Murphy, Pomeroy, Tayag
9:22 – Tesla, Kulas, White, Rowley
8:07 – Ray Benedetto, Randy Benedetto, Sanzone, Sanzone

4th Flight
9:52 – Bauer, Murray, Daniels, Daniels
6:52 – Petrucelli, Sanders, Jandreau, Frank Teodosio
8:00 – Fisher, Moraveck, Shuck, Garcia
8:30 – Coyle, Cox, Relyea, Powell

5th Flight
10:15 – Borelli, Matalote, Ed Dolan, Kelly
7:00 – Malafronte, Abell, Radley, Fawcett
10:00 – Stevens, Canestri, McCabe, Dellert
10:07 – Caldwell, Mike Dolan, Belowsky, Arnold

News and Notes:

  1. All flights playing from White Tees.
  2. I need to know by Friday who is playing from forward tees. If I don’t hear from you by then, you will be playing whites. Handicaps will be adjusted down by 2 strokes off white handicap.
  3. Scorecards will be at front desk or with starter.
  4. Please place your team money ($100) in an envelope and place in association box to the LEFT of the computer. Include your names. Money needs to be submitted prior to teeing off.

Play well!


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