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Up this week is the Senior Club Championship (age 55 and up), Super Senior Club Championship (age 65 and up) and Non-Senior Tournament (age 54 and less). 3 week to play 2 rounds and post those 2 scores. Gross and Net. Simple card. Add it up and subtract handicap and put in the total. For this event I am not adding your card for you. Do it and do it correct. You don’t need a sample card for this. You may also play the Intra-Ryder Cup on the same card as any of these 3 events. The sign up sheet will have 4 options. Choose 1 or 2 if you elect the Intra Event too. There is an attached handicap report herein and also this will be at the desk with sign in. This report will be used for all three rounds. Be certain to write in your event(s) on the scorecard. I am not hunting this down. If it’s blank- you’re toast. I have been more than fair this year but these next three week are going to suck for me so do it right.

Non-Senior Challenge
Senior & Super Senior Club Championships
Handicap Report


Please read

With the overwhelming participation this year it looks as though we may end up with big numbers for the CC. Here is what is going to happen. An added day for the event will be added as we will be going to 16 man flights. In all likelihood we will end up with 5 or 6 flights of 16. This will require an extra round so the dates of play will be August 22, 23, 29 and 30. That is 2 full weekends for those who advance. The Championship Flight Qualifier will be held Saturday AND Sunday August 8 and 9. Rain date will be the 15th and 16th. Disregard anything I mentioned about having 2 weeks of qualifying. Not happening. In the event we do not have 16 play in the qualifier, then the low 16 will make up the first flight to be played from the blue tees. The 5-4-3 Event will be moved to the 15th and 16th to allow those qualifying to play if they so choose. More on this to follow as the summer progresses.

Good Luck to all and to me to win the SCC as newly eligible and get the taste of embarrassment out of my system from the Classic.

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