Tournament Rules

  1. All tournaments must be played with at least one Association member who can attest the score.
  2. A member must sign his own name on all tournament sign-up sheets. Golf course management or employees or another member cannot sign up a member for a tournament.
  3. All participants in a tournament must be on the first tee at the assigned starting time. If a person is late (or absent) for a team match, his partner can start play without him, and he can join the match upon arrival. If late for an individual match (e.g. club championship tournament) the absent player will forfeit his match after his opponent has played the tenth hole. Holes not played by the late person are lost.
  4. A member who signs up to participate in an Association team tournament, is assigned to a pairing and fails to play is automatically suspended from participation in a team tournament for one year from the date of the infraction. A member may appeal his suspension by appearing before the Board of Governors to explain his lack of participation.
  5. Members who realize that they cannot show up for a tournament after pairings have been posted must inform the Tournament Chairman immediately, if a suitable substitute can not be found, the expectant absent member can still be subject to suspension.
  6. Four-Man Scramble and Mixed Scramble tournaments will be played on Saturdays and Sundays. Prizes will be awarded for each day in proportion to the number of teams playing on each day.
  7. An Association tournament shall not be considered official unless sixty percent of the players scheduled to play complete play.
  8. All tournament participants must be prepared to accept an assigned starting time between 6:00 am and 11:00 am. For members with permanent starting times, every effort will be made by the golf course management to assign a tournament starting time as close as possible to the member’s permanent starting time.
  9. All Association tournaments will be played from the white tees unless otherwise posted.
  10. All Association members must play and record at least twelve (12) eighteen hole rounds at OHCC, within the USGA handicap posting year for this region. Five (5) of the 12 must be scheduled tournaments (one of which can be a scramble).
  11. All stroke play tournament position ties will be broken as follows:
    1. If two teams (or individuals) tie for first place, the first and second place prizes will be split evenly. However, for publicity purposes only, cards will be matched from the first handicap hole until the tie is broken. This publicity procedure applies to all position ties.
    2. If three or more teams (or individuals) for the first place, the first, second and third place prizes will be split evenly among three or more teams (or individuals). There will be no second or third place prizes.
    3. If two teams (or individuals) tie for second place, the second and third place prize will be split evenly. If three or more tie for second place, the second and third place prizes will be split three or more ways. In either case, there will be no third place prizes.
    4. If two or more teams (or individuals) tie for third place, one third place winner will be decided by matching cards from the first handicap hole until the tie is broken.
    5. In all tie situations, the minimum prize awarded will be a $5 gift certificate.
  12. All match play tournament ties will be broken by going extra holes, starting with the first hole.
  13. No tournament credits will be given to members who are participating in the qualifying rounds for the Club Championship Flight of the Club Championship tournament.
  14. Age eligibility requirements for the Seniors Tournaments are Seniors, 50 to 59 years and Super Seniors, 60 years and above, as of the tournament starting date.


Snow & Ice (falls under the definition of Casual Water or Loose Impediments)

Casual water is any temporary accumulation of water on the course that is not in a water hazard and is visible before or after the player takes his stance.

Snow and Ice, other than Frost, are either casual water or loose impediments, at the option of the player. Dew and Frost are NOT casual water.

A ball is in casual water when it lies in or any part of it touches the casual water.