Preferred Lies – May 30 or 31



This week is the Memorial Tournament. This is a Day of Play sign up for Saturday, Sunday or Monday. There is a $20 mandatory donation for charity to play. There will be envelopes at the window. Place your money in the envelope and put your name on the outside. The cashier will put the envelope in the association box. There will be a sign up sheet at the window also.

This tourney is an odd even event meaning there are 2 tourney’s in one. Odd holes and even holes. See the link for the sample scorecard below. I highly recommend you print this out and use as a template. I’ve been pretty lenient with the cards to date and they really haven’t been pretty. This is way too much work for me to mess around adding up your scores. Do it right the first time please. There will be a sample card on the outside board as well. There will be 2 flights split down the middle based on handicap and number of entries.

Please note handicap link below and also posted on the big board. We will be using today’s handicap. Do not play based off your phone app on the day you play. See below or on the board and use that number from the whites or reds.

THE CLASSIC is fast approaching. Please EMAIL me your team. Remember your handicap must be within 6 strokes of your partner. There is a 100 entry fee per team. 100% of proceeds will be paid out for first and second. I think it’s 70/30 or 65/35, I forget but will figure it out beforehand. Let’s get a minimum of 5 flights which would be 80 players. I’m really eager to keep track of this for 3 rounds, so the more the merrier.

Stay healthy and play well. Looks like we finally be playing the ball down.

OHCC Memorial 2020
OHCC Memorial Scorecard
OHCC Classic 2020
OHCC Handicap 052020

That is all……………


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