Preferred Lies – May 30 or 31


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Last year we had a new member join, Mike Jandreau. He worked hard on his game, won a couple events and qualified for the Ryder Cup team. Mike has yet to play this year as he is going through a very difficult family illness. Please keep Mike in your thoughts and pray for his family. We can’t wait to have him back out here.

An update on the next couple of weeks. First, participation has been enormous for the first 2 events of the year. Looks as though we are all trying to make the best of a difficult time. Thanks to all of you for playing and helping me out.

Couple of inquiries this week:

1. The qualifying for the Intra Ryder Cop is 2 rounds gross and net. This does not mean choosing the best of multiple scores. We have 6 weekends (12 opportunities) to play 2 rounds. Sign up before the round and turn in that card. No card equals a DQ. We have a few of those already.

2. Please do not play mid week and send me a card. Tournament play dates are posted on the schedule and Flyers that are hung up on the board. We are a weekend association.


This weekend is the final weekend for the Presidents Cup. Please remember to sign up at the window and email me your card for those that do not have 2 rounds posted yet.


This weekend marks the end of Phase 1 for Ryder Cup qualifying. If you elect to play this weekend for qualifying, please sign up at the window and send me your card. Weather looks rough so I don’t expect too many will try, but do whatever you want. There will be 3 more weekends (6 days) at end of June where you can still try to qualify.


Next week is the Member Member. Sign ups were fast when I posted earlier this week but have fallen off since. Right now I am at half the field I expect. You can either email me your intentions or there will be a sign up sheet at the window this weekend. Sunday is the cutoff. Let me say that again…SUNDAY is the cutoff!!! I have to put together pairings and figure out tee times in a timely manner as not to mess up Judy’s schedule. If you emailed me, do not sign up at the window. Don’t call me Tuesday saying you want to play. Let’s get with the program and sign up. This is a great event with many opportunities to win!


I have received inquiries as to why the CC is back in August. Unfortunately this was necessary due to the club having obligations in September. It was August or Mid-October and I’m not dealing with this in October.

What we have decided was to add a second weekend for qualifying for the Championship flight. Initially, qualifying was to be held August 15 and 16th for your 2 rounds. We have decided to add August 8 and 9 to the mix. You will still need to post 2 rounds but will have 4 opportunities to get those two rounds in. You must play from Blue Tees and also play with another member attempting to qualify.

Ok, that’s enough for today. Hope everyone is healthy and enjoying the family time. Play well and see you soon.

That is all…………..


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